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Project for the new fast road

About Projet
Roads are one of the most important tributaries of the renaissance and progress of human civilizations that have arisen in different times and ages, especially modern ones, and through this concept is the new highway project (Emsaad – Ras Ijdir) of the important strategic projects in Libya, where it will be accomplished, God willing An unprecedented cultural qualitative leap for the state in the most important field of infrastructure projects.
The new highway (Emsaad – Ras Igdir) is one of the parts of the Maghreb highway (7000 km). The highway is part of the ring road of the countries bordering the Mediterranean coast. In order to solve the traffic jams, reduce accidents, and contribute in a practical way to the growth and development of the transport industry. One of the pillars It is essential in the development and prosperity of the national economy as well as facilitating the smooth movement of movement between citizens living in the main cities as well as the movement between neighboring countries.
Road along


The road is divided into


Main sectors

Objectives of establishing a new highway
  • Reduce pressure and reduce traffic congestion on the existing coastal road.
  • Providing internal and external transit services without affecting traffic in urban areas.
  • Attract traffic to urban areas for low cost and ensure comfort and safety.
  • Reduce traffic risks and high costs Reduce direct and indirect costs of travel and mobility.
  • Develop agricultural areas located on both sides of the track and create new areas.
  • Development of industrial resources or the search for new resources from mineral mines and exploitation of available ores.
  • Developing tourist areas associated with the route and others wherever they exist and can be linked to the road and create jobs.
  • Assisting in the creation of new residential communities and service centers
Strengthening relations between neighboring countries
  • Support and strengthen strategic cooperation and partnership between the countries of the region and neighboring regions.
  • Contribute to the advancement of trade and economic exchange between the countries of the region in North Africa and the southern European Union bordering the Mediterranean Sea by securing the link with the Maghreb highway, which is implemented in accordance with the latest international standards.
  • Attracting traffic coming from the south and east-west road, reducing traffic congestion in cities and other main roads and developing trade exchange between south and north.
  • Highway access insurance is available to all road users from coastal and southern cities with ease.

Components of the project

Service Area

Other buildings and facilities in the service station with maintenance
  • First aid station, police and fire.
  • Vehicle maintenance and service station
  • parking
  • Hotel building
  • Petrol station
  • Administartive building
  • Breaks (cafe – restaurant – commercial market)
  • Mosque
  • Staff housing

Model parking stations

Other buildings and facilities in the parking station
  • Breaks (cafe – restaurant – commercial market)
  • Benefits / Toilets
  • Staff housing
  • parking
  • Petrol station
  • Administartive building

Main technical specifications of the highway

Design specifications ( ASSHTO-BS.STANDARD)
  • A double road consisting of three lanes in each direction (3.75 meters per lane) that is capable of future expansion to (4) in each direction.
  • Emergency lane 3 meters wide.
  • Central island width (5 meters).
  • Design speed: 130 km / h.
  • Width of the campus (80 meters).
  • Bridges and phrases.
  • Upper and lower intersections to enter and exit the road.
  • Extraction stations, breaks and parking stations.

Highway segments

The new highway extends from Imsaad east to Ras Ijdir west with a length of approximately 1750 kmApproximately, the road has been divided into four main sectors in addition to the connections that will be established to connect the road to a number of major cities as follows:

Implementation and management

The Imsaad-Ras Ijdir Road Execution and Administration Authority was established by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord no.

June 20, 2024 8:56 am

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