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About the device

Date and origin of the device

The implementation and management of the Imsaad-Ras Ijdir road was established by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord no. The project of follow-up of the implementation of the highway (Ras Ijdir – Emsaed) was established by virtue of the decision of the General People’s Committee previously No. 346 of 2010 so as to have a legal personality and legal status and financial discharge and belongs to the General Projects Authority.

Joint Committee

  • 1
    An equal joint committee shall be formed from certain elements of the two countries. The joint committee shall determine the technical specifications of the projects mentioned in Article 8 and determine the total time and time limits for the implementation of the projects, within the cash flows mentioned in the same article.
  • 2
    The Libyan State is committed, on the basis of special understandings to deal with Italian companies, to ensure the implementation of the projects at the prices agreed upon between the two parties.
  • 3

    The achievement and proper functioning of these understandings is an essential element in creating a strong Libyan-Italian partnership in the economic, commercial, industrial and other sectors, in order to achieve the above objectives in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

  • 4

    The Joint Committee shall be responsible for verifying the conduct of the obligations under Article 8 and this Article and shall prepare a periodic oral record recording the objectives achieved and those to be achieved in relation to the commitments undertaken by the Contracting Parties.

  • 5

    The Joint Committee shall determine, on a proposal by the Libyan side, the works, projects and investments mentioned in paragraph 2, indicating the times and the ways of attribution and implementation of each.

  • 6
    The Joint Commission is important in verifying the conduct of the commitment. The Joint Commission shall inform the foreign affairs sectors of the parties of any breach that may arise, drawing up technical proposals for solutions.

Organizational structure of the device

The organisation’s organizational structure consists of a cadre of local talent working hard to create and implement projects on the ground. This structure was adopted by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord.

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Implementation and management

The Imsaad-Ras Ijdir Road Execution and Administration Authority was established by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord no.

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